• Suction dredging for sand

    McCallum Bros Sand Extraction

    McCallum Bros Ltd supplies high quality sand suitable for a number of industries including the building and construction industry.

  • Karamuramu Island Quarry

    Karamuramu Island Quarry

    Karamuramu Island Quarry has been in operation since 1908 and is the source of the distinctive "Red Rock" that is a feature of many Auckland landmarks. The rock has exceptional resilance to abrasion and wear which has made it a first choice for many specialist applications.more

  • Mccallum Bros maritime operations

    Maritime Operations

    Our vessels are primarily used for sand collection and transport of sand and aggregate to our depots and customers. They are also available for contract barge services


  • McCallum Bros Histor


    Started by William Fraser McCallum and his three brothers as a partnership in 1904, McCallum Bros Ltd has continued to be a family-run operation with all ownership remaining in New Zealand. more


Welcome to McCallum Bros Limited

McCallum Bros Ltd is a family owned company, based in Auckland, which has been operating since 1904.

We are best known for supplying the red chip which gives the roads and suburbs of the Auckland Region their characteristic warm colours.

Our red aggregate is used for the distinctive exposed aggregate driveways and paving chosen by many home owners as well as the red concrete pavements in heritage areas of the city and sealing chip used for the shoulders of Auckland's motorways.

In addition McCallum Bros Ltd is a leading supplier of sand to the region's concrete manufacturers.

We supply a range of aggregates sand and shell to the building, roading, landscaping, sports turf and equestrian industries throughout the North Island and are also the leading contractors for the supply of beach replenishment sand in New Zealand.


McCallum Bros Ltd have been extracting sand from the Pakiri area since the Second World War. The sand has always been in high demand due to its consistent high quality.


The grain size and freedom from silt and other contaminants makes it particularly suitable for ready-mix concrete manufacture.

Sand is an important commodity for the building and construction where high-quality sands (defined by their mineral content, grain size, and the absence of components such as organic material and clays - all of which reduce the strength of concrete) are primarily used in the production of ready-mixed concrete.

Other uses for our sand products include landscaping, sportsfield drainage, sports turf, beach replenishment and industrial use.

We currently have two sources of sand which both originate from the Pakiri – Te Arai embayment. High quality sand from the near-shore source is used exclusively for the concrete industry while sand from the off-shore source is also used for other purposes such as beach replenishment.

Karamuramu Island Quarry

The quarry based on Karamuramu Island has been in operation since 1908. Karamuramu Island is located in the Hauraki Gulf aproximately three kilometres offshore from Kawakawa Bay.


The island consists of a red chert or jasper. Far from being a volcanic rock as many believe, chert is formed by sedimentary deposits being forced deep into the earth. This exposes them to extremely high temperatures and pressure which fuses the particles together into an extremely resilient and relatively lightweight rock.

The quarry has reserves of rock in excess of several million cubic metres but will not disappear. In order to preserve the profile of the island, extensive planting of the outer shell (using native plants) has been underway for some years now.

Maritime Operations

The McCallum Bros Ltd fleet is comprised of motorised dredgers and tug and barges primarily involved in the collection and delivery of sand and aggregate to our city depots.


Our vessels allow us to deliver our own product or products sourced from other companies to customers in Auckland and around the Hauraki Gulf going as far afield as Gisborne and Whangarei.