• Red aggregate chip

    Red Rock Aggregate

    Red Rock Aggregate is distinctive and has exceptional wear characteristics

  • Red chip on shoulders of Hobsonville Expressway

    Hobsonville Expressway

    Red Rock Chip has been used on the shoulders for its distinctive colour and exceptional strength.


Red Rock Aggregates

Red rock is available in several sizes grades or can be produced to specification on request.

Red rock exhibits good properties for a wide range of applications from simple loose metal driveways and garden surrounds to concrete systems, hot mix systems, roading and footpath systems.

For concrete applications, Red Rock is light, strong and produces durable hard concrete. Durability rating is 8 on the MOH's scale and Red Rock is resistant to chemical activity.

Red Rock aggregates have been successfully applied in the roading industry with applications including roundabouts, motorway edging, traffic islands and cycleways.

Red Rock aggregates are sampled and batch tested on a regular basis and source property measures are taken annually.


Grade Application
SC 10/5 (Screened 5-10mm) Used for loose metal driveways and in garden beds: Size range: 5-10mm
SC20/10 (Screened 10-20mm) Popular for decorative garden beds and loose chip driveways. Size range: 10-20mm
GAP4 (General all passing 0-5mm) Component of builders mix and Red bitumen hot mix. Also used in dry or wet mix pavers and for bedding applications.
Bedding Sand Fine Red Rock sand is available for various applications including paver and plastering applications.
BM20 The McCallum Bros. Ltd builders mix has been designed for use in the commercial and residential ready mix market in New Zealand.


It is in use by a number of groups from civil contractors, builders to home handymen.
The aggregates for our BM20 are pre-mixed according to typical proportions which would be used in a ready mixed concrete plant. This ensures that customers are receiving a consistent product specifically designed for making high quality concrete.
Our builders mix has been designed to make concrete ranging in strength from 17.5mpa up to 30mpa depending upon individual site requirements. The below are some recommended typical mix design guidelines.
Target strength
required (MPa)
BM20 (kg)Cement (kg)Water (kg)
17.5 1560200110
20 1560210110
25 1560235111
30 1560250111
The above is a guide only and concrete mix ratios could change depending upon the quality of the cement being utilized to make the final mix. All mixes are based on a moisture content of 7% (medium) for the sand and aggregates. Admixtures have not been included as they vary depending on final use.
For higher specification applications, McCallum Bros. Ltd can supply specific data and concrete mixes in bag or bulk form. It is recommended that the user consults with a certified concrete engineer before mixing any large volume of concrete mix for a commercial application.
Builders mix is available in bulk delivery volumes on a daily basis in the Auckland region. Barge services are available for deliveries in the upper north island and Hauraki Gulf. Smaller deliveries are available in palletized one tonne bags by arrangement.
G3 Roading Sealing chip for roading applications, Size Range : 13 - 16mm
G5 Roading Sealing chip produced to Transit NZ Size Specification TNZ M6:2004, Size Range : 9.5-13.2mm
G6 Roading Sealing chip for footpaths, Size Range : 5-7mm

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