Bulk Transport

Our vessels are purpose-built for bulk cargo transport given their large holding bins. This allows equipment, machinery, aggregate, construction material, and salvage materials (to mention a few) to be either rolled-on and off or loaded via crane or other machinery.

Bulk Transport Vessels

Marsden Bay

The Marsden Bay is a non-motorised cement carrier with 2000 tonne capacity. The Marsden Bay is not available for charter but cement can be available through Golden Bay Cement.

William Fraser

Motorised, Sand Dredger, General cargo transport, roll on roll off capability.
Ramp and entry Hopper is 8m wide. more…


Kapua Motorised Barge Roll on Roll off available for hire

Motorised, General cargo transport, roll on roll off capability, spud poles more…

Annie McC

Non-motorised general cargo transport barge, available for charter, more…


Non-motorised general cargo transport more…

Bulk Transport Projects

Launch of William Fraser

“The “William Fraser was launched on July 3rd, 2019 in Miri, eastern Malaysia. The  newest addition to the McCallum Bros Limited® fleet was designed and built by the Ling Family, owners of the Berjaya Dock Yard.

This project has been managed by our Operations Manager, Mike Haynes who has spent an enormous amount of time in Miri ensuring the smooth construction of the build. We can’t thank him enough for his dedication and commitment to the project. We could not have done such a build without Mike.

The William Fraser is an integral part of our growth and sustainability and corporate social responsibility practices.

Measuring 68m x 16m with a DWT of 1500T, she is primarily designed to extract sand and carry aggregates and project cargo.


Picnic Bay erosion protection

In May 2018 the Kapua vessel delivered the first of two barge loads of heavy rock to create a protective seawall at Picnic Bay on Waiheke Island.


Logs barged from Tryphena to Marsden Point

Loading logs at Tryphena, Great Barrier Island

In May 2017 the Kapua began the barge transport of approximately 2000T of logs from Tryphena on Great Barrier Island to Marsden Point for export.


Chatham Island Wharf and Breakwater Construction

In April 2016 the Acheron III with the Pohonui in tow carried construction materials and machinery for the construction of a new wharf and breakwater at Waitangi in the Chatham Islands.


Slipper Island Transport

Transport to Slipper Island
Transport to Slipper Island

In June 2016 the Kapua delivered a consignment of materials for a house build to Slipper Island, off Whitianga.