Beach Replenishment

McCallum Bros Limited® is the leading supplier of beach replenishment sand to beach restoration projects in the Auckland region and further afield.

Long term changes to the Coastal Marine Area and prevailing weather conditions have led to the slow depletion of sand from many of Auckland’s beaches. Often, increased stormwater runoff from urbanised suburbs has resulted in the original sand being washed offshore and thus lost to the beach.

The replenishment projects have involved the establishment of artificial concrete reefs (groynes) along the beach to restrict sand movement during storm events and the diversion of stormwater outlets to the extreme ends where the discharge will not wash the sand offshore.

McCallum Bros Limited® D50 Beach Replenishment Sand is taken from deep water deposits at Pakiri and transferred to the affected beach via sea (from barge and excavator or pumping barge) or via road (by truck and trailer).

Delivery by Barge & Excavator

Where the beach profile is steep enough to allow close access by a barge, replenishment sand can be delivered by offloading directly onto the beach by excavator. The replenishment sand is then distributed evenly along the beach by excavator.

McCallum Bros Limited® delivered 4,200m³ of beach replenishment sand to Torpedo Bay from June to July 2009.

Delivery by Pumping Barge

Delivery by pumping barge can be arranged for large volume deliveries to beaches that are not suited for direct access by barge and for which there is unsuitable road access or road delivery which could likely cause unacceptable disruption to other road users.

St Heliers Beach was replenished by pumping 30,000m³ from offshore barges from May to October in 2006.

Delivery by Truck

Where access by road is straightforward and the impact on normal traffic flows are minimal, we are able to deliver sand by truck. If direct access for the trucks onto the beach is not possible delivery may be made to a suitable nearby location or via barge if possible. The sand is then transferred to the beach by loader, then distributed along the beach by loader, digger and/or bulldozer.

McCallum Bros Limited® truck & trailer units delivered 3,760m³ to Judges Bay for Auckland City Council over six days.