Logs barged from Tryphena to Marsden Point

Loading logs at Tryphena, Great Barrier Island

In May 2017 the Kapua began the barge transport of approximately 2000T of logs from Tryphena on Great Barrier Island to Marsden Point for export.

Transport of the logs from Great Barrier Island is only possible due to the efficiency and low cost of barging the logs, the economies would also apply to many isolated coastal blocks. McCallum Bros Limited® is also in the process of building a portable floating wharf that can be towed into bays and anchored up to run log loaders onto barge. This negates the need for costly infrastructure, consents for wharfs, and the need to run machinery down beaches.

The Tryphena contract will require 3-4 loads, against around 70 truck and trailer movements (if road access was possible).

And here is how we used to do it…

Scow “Kapua” CW Hawkins