The Pohonui is a 55m by 13m holding barge that requires tow by tug. With a carrying capacity of 1,500 tonnes and roll-on, roll-off features, the Pohonui serves as a perfect bulk transport vessel. Chartered alongside the Acheron III tug, the maneuverability capabilities allow for access to restricted locations.

The Pohonui also has the ability to extract sand and gravel via stationery dredging.

Recent contracts undertaken by the Pohonui under tow by the Acheron III include supplying material, equipment, and machinery to the Chatham Islands for the recent breakwater and wharf development. The Chathams are renowned for its harsh weather to which our vessel still thrived, making several trips.

The Pohonui at the Port of Auckland with a full load of sand, alongside the Acheron III
Pohonui carrying machinery to the Chatham Islands including a 150tonne excavator (as pictured on the stern)


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Beam13 meters
Length55 meters
Deck Size25m x 12m
Light Draft0.4 meters
Max Draft3.5 meters
Gross Tonnage648 Tonnes
Capacity1500 Tonnes

Pohonui Projects

Barging Timber Kilns

With the use of the pairing of our tug the Acheron III and barge the Pohonui, we barged two large timber kilns along with a number of other bulk items for the kilns from Tauranga to Whangarei.

Kiln weights were individually lifted on board (44 in total) and acted as a stand for the kilns, each 17x11m kiln was lifted on and put carefully in its place, while the other bulk items were carefully placed around the remaining deck space.

Using a combination of welded U-beam braces, heavy duty lugs and chain, the kilns and other items were securely lashed to the deck allowing for a safe sail up the coast to their new home in Northland. The Pohonui with its steel deck and removable front and rear hopper walls makes her a perfect vessel to customise the deck space larger or smaller depending on the type of bulk cargo. This particular job was a great example of her versatility.

Rena Salvage

Rena Salvage

McCallum Bros Limited® vessels were used in the Rena salvage operation.


Chatham Island Wharf and Breakwater Construction

In April 2016 the Acheron III with the Pohonui in tow carried construction materials and machinery for the construction of a new wharf and breakwater at Waitangi in the Chatham Islands.