Arena Sand

Our arena sand products have been in the market since 2004. We now have three grades of sand for horse arena surfaces with slightly different properties. Our product has been highly complimented by Blyth Tait (Olympic Gold Medalist) for equestrian.

Equestrian arena sand mix

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the correct sand for horse arena surfaces. Almost every arena design and the local environment are different and factors such as base construction, drainage system, site location, and rainfall criteria should all be taken into consideration when choosing a surface material. Sand is a natural resource and therefore its properties will differ from arena to arena. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure they do their diligence and select the right sand for the usage requirements and site characteristics. Please see our terms of trade.

McCallum Bros Limited® supplies three grades of sand that will meet most requirements:


EQ1     A clean white fine sand. This sand grade was originally developed for customers wanting a product similar to grades used in European arenas. This grade can be used with or without other footing materials and is normally applied at 50-75 mm in depth. It has good drainage capability with hydraulic conductivity of 500 mm/hr.

Inshore Sand

EQ2     A coarser white sand suitable for mixing with other footing materials and all-round applications. Has less than 5% shell content and excellent hydraulic conductivity of 800-900 mm/hr. Is normally applied at 50-75 mm in depth.

EQ3 Arena sand

EQ3     A mix of sand particles and crushed shell. It can be used “neat ” or can be mixed with other footing materials. The hydraulic conductivity of this product is 1,200 mm/hr. Normal application is at 50-75 mm depth. Shell content may vary depending on the source location. Samples available upon request.

Particle shape, cleanliness, and durability

All EQ sands have been screened and washed and are free of clay and silt particles. Our products are entirely free of pumice and the particle shape is classified as angular to sub angular.


EQ products are available all year round in the Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and upper North Island regions.


We recommend the top layer of McCallum Bros Limited® equine mixes should be about 75mm deep for jumping arenas and 60mm deep for dressage arenas and lunging pens.

On a standard 60 metre by 40 metre jumping arena, this will require about 180m³, weighing approximately 232 tonnes (8 truck and trailer loads or 23 truck only loads).

For a 40 by 20 metre dressage arena, you would need about 48m³ of sand, weighing about 58 tonnes (2 truck and trailer loads or 6 truck only loads).

The initial depth can exceed target depth 75mm  however compaction of 3 to 4mm may occur.

The density of the sand is 1.32T per metre when the sand is bulked and dry, but this density will increase with compaction.

The above is an average and you should employ a specialist to determine requirements for your specific application.

Transport options

We can provide cost-effective transport solutions for greenfield sites, arena renovation and top up projects.

Trotting Surfaces

McCallum Bros Limited® has two products suitable for use on trotting tracks, EQ3 and 5-13mm Shell, which is used on some trotting tracks as a coarser topping to the EQ3 where better drainage or a higher content of shell is required.

Shell 5-13mm for trotting surfaces
Shell 5-13mm
EQ3 for trotting surfaces

EQ3 Mix

EQ3 has been used on public and private trotting tracks with great success.

Benefits of McCallum Bros Limited® personally delivering to track owners include:

  • Particle shape, cleanliness, and durability
  • EQ3 is screened and washed free of clay and silt particles. It is entirely free of pumice.
  • Particle sizing
  • The products have a good mix of particle sizes providing good stability and consistent firmness across the track.
  • Displacement and movement
  • Trotting Mix and EQ3 are not displaced easily by the horse and sulky requiring less maintenance of the track.
  • Excellent drainage
  • Water tends to flow well through the material. Owners report less rutting and evolution of water channels through the material.

*McCallum Bros Limited® use highly experienced drivers to trail and spread the mix on trotting tracks.  Please note that further work may be required on the track to even out the load based on surrounding trees, powerlines or other obstacles around the track.

Please note that for Arena’s we have specific Terms of Trade before supply can take please.  Click here for a copy of our Terms and if you would like a sample of the product please contact us direct with your enquiry.

EQ sands are available all year round in Auckland, Thames , Bay Of Plenty, Waikato and upper North Island regions.