Asphalt Sands

High quality sand for asphalt

McCallum Bros Limited®  has two grades of asphalt sand available for asphalt production.

Our asphalt sands offer manufacturers a consistent and compatible product with very high sand equivalence.

The key benefits of our grades of sand are as follows:

  • Low absorption – Our asphalt sands have been thoroughly tested and absorption has been measured consistently as less than 0.4%.
  • Sand Equivalent – Our asphalt sands typically have very high sand equivalents between 94 and 98%.
  • Cleanliness and Durability – Our asphalt sands have been screened and washed and are free of clay and silt particles. Our products are entirely free of pumice.
  • Composition and compatibility – Our asphalt sands are primarily comprised of feldspar and the particle shape is classified as angular to subangular.
  • Consistency – Due to our unique sourcing and washing process we are able to offer superior consistency compared to other suppliers in the market.

Our asphalt sand is available throughout the Auckland region and in other regions by arrangement. Test results are available upon request.

We can provide supply and delivery quotations to your site.