Marsden Bay

The Marsden Bay is a non-motorised cement carrier with 2000 tonne capacity. The Marsden Bay is not available for charter but cement can be available through Golden Bay Cement.

Beam meters
Length56.99 meters
Deck Size
Light Draft meters
Max Draft meters
Gross Tonnage Tonnes
Capacity2000 Tonnes

William Fraser

Motorised, Sand Dredger, General cargo transport, roll on roll off capability.
Ramp and entry Hopper is 8m wide. more…

Beam16 meters
Length68 meters
Deck Size43m x 10m
Light Draft1.8 meters
Max Draft4.2 meters
Gross Tonnage1500 Tonnes
Capacity1500 Tonnes


Kapua Motorised Barge Roll on Roll off available for hire

Motorised, General cargo transport, roll on roll off capability, spud poles more…

Beam12 meters
Length44 meters
Deck Size30m x 10.5m
Light Draft1.06 meters
Max Draft2.7 meters
Gross Tonnage408 Tonnes
Capacity600 Tonnes

Acheron lll

Acheron lll tug available for hire in New Zealand

Tug 16T Bollard Pull. Available for charter in New Zealand, more…

Beam7.3 meters
Length23.9 meters
Deck SizeN/A
Light Draft3.0 meters
Max Draft3.5 meters
Gross Tonnage163 Tonnes
CapacityN/A Tonnes

Annie McC

Non-motorised general cargo transport barge, available for charter, more…

Beam18 meters
Length85 meters
Deck Size72m x 18m
Light Draft0.9 meters
Max Draft3.4 meters
Gross Tonnage1124 Tonnes
Capacity3500 Tonnes


Non-motorised general cargo transport more…

Beam13 meters
Length55 meters
Deck Size25m x 12m
Light Draft0.4 meters
Max Draft3.5 meters
Gross Tonnage648 Tonnes
Capacity1500 Tonnes