Privacy Policy

The McCallum Group of Companies (“we” “us”, or “our”) are fully committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. We aim to adhere in all our business practices to the privacy principles and to protect the privacy of individuals whose personal information we may collect and process from time-to-time in the course of carrying out our business activities. It is our aim to promote individuals’ confidence that their personal information is secure and we will treat such information properly in an increasingly digital and data-rich society.
We strictly adhere to the Privacy Act 2020 and where appropriate, international privacy jurisdictions such as the GDPR.


Personal Information” means information about an identifiable living individual. Please note this is sometimes referred to as “personal data” in other jurisdictions.
Act” means the Privacy Act 2020.
Privacy Officer” means Fraser McCallum. The Privacy Act 2020 mandates companies to have a designated privacy officer. Contact the privacy officer at with any queries you may have in regard to privacy, access or correction requests of your Personal Information and any privacy complaints.

Collection of Personal Information

We collect your Personal Information only by lawful means and solely for a necessary purpose. We only use your personal information for the specific purpose we collected it for. We collect personal information from the source unless limited exceptions apply.
We understand our obligations with privacy and children and will not collect children’s Personal Information.

Storage and Security of Personal Information

All Personal Information we hold is held securely with safeguards against loss or other misuse.

Access and Correction of Personal Information

You have the right to access your personal information and we will comply with any such requests within the statutory timeframe. If you wish to make correction to any Personal Information, we will ensure such correction is implemented.

How Long Will We Keep Your Personal Information For?

We will only hold on to your Personal Information for as long as it serves its collected purpose. We will never keep your Personal Information for longer than it serves its initial purpose.

Will We Disclose Your Personal Information?

We will never disclose your Personal Information to anyone unless extremely limited exceptions apply. Moreover, if we receive a request for disclosure from overseas, further limitations apply.

Privacy Breach?

We are acutely aware of our obligations under the Act to report privacy breaches if they cause “serious harm” or are “likely to cause serious harm.” We have a privacy breach response plan, which entails containment, assessment, notification and prevention if a privacy breach occurs. We  will notify the individual concerned and the Privacy Commissioner’s office in the case of a serious privacy breach.


If you have any concerns, requests, or would like to contact our Privacy Officer, please do not hesitate to do so.